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We founded IASWAR with an intention to break the stigma around the hardship of research. If you are looking for learning the process of research, establish a department of research, conduct studies on your own, we have the right expertise and experience with us. We’re not ‘consultants’, but committed experts with undying quest for scientific writing and research.

Medical Writing Services

If you want to convert your data in to a beautiful piece of scientific paper, we provide you our expertise in achieving that dream and getting the paper published in  reputed indexed journals.

Minor Editing  (Language edit, overseeing the draft) of previously written paper: Rs.3500/-

Major revision or rewriting/ writing the entire manuscript: Rs.10,000/-

Writing the entire manuscript, communicating with the journal and managing the paper till publication:  Rs. 13,500/-

Others: The charges will be decided based on the nature of collaboration, roles and responsibilities etc.

Medical Writing

Clinical Research Support

IASWAR is committed to promote the culture of quality research and will be extending support to organizations interested to establish a research department, conduct research of their own and willing to avail funding from different research funding bodies like ICMR, AYUSH, DST, DBT etc.

Proposal drafting for funding: Rs.12,500/-

Research Collaborations: The charges will be decided based on the nature of collaboration, roles and responsibilities etc.

Treatment, clinic assistance on medicine services. Patient concept and clinic diagnosis. Patient assistance with healthcare technology. Infographics, banner. Flat images, vector illustration.

Workshops and Courses

IASWAR believes in building quality resources in research and health care. We regularly organize evidence based workshops and short term courses aimed at empowering the participants. We can organize such sessions on request

Masterclass on Scientific basis of Naturopathy : Rs.1000/-

Short term Research Methodology and Medical Writing: Rs. 1000/-

Vaccination: Decoding Myths and Facts: Rs. 250/-

Fellowship in Clinical Research and Medical Writing: Rs. 7500/-


Book Shopping

The scientific Naturopath: A Leap into the Evidence behind Naturopathy Philosophies.

Purchase the comprehensive and empirical guide for Naturopathic Medicine. This book will change your perspectives about health and disease.
Book Price: Rs.255/-

About Us

Indian Academy for Scientific writing and Research (IASWAR), Pune is an academic organization founded by like-minded researchers specialized in Yoga and Naturopathic medicine and public health research. We bring in one decade of experience in clinical and research field exclusively in yoga and naturopathy. We have expertise in handling clinical data, its analysis, scientific writing and scientific communication. Our organization was established with a motto of empowering physicians with evidence based practice and ensures quality in research.

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