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Dr. Jyoti Nair, BNYS


Annai Naturopathy and Yoga Medical College, Tamilnadu

“Dr.Pradeep always has an extra ordinary talent to show things in a different, more meaningful light. The Master class on Scientific basis of Naturopathy shows a Beautiful and very Novel approach to our age old concepts/philosophies and a wonderful way of correlating it to our clinical practice. The three days session was very meaningful and had an ever lasting impact making us to question our own methods of clinical approach. Thank you Dr.Pradeep. You can inspire whole lots of our young generation Naturopaths to shine above all other Conventional system of medicine”.


Dr. Koushik Gupta,


“One of the greatest webinar’s I attended during this lockdown. It’s been a very great session since 3 days. While session  started with understanding ,What is vitality, what is disease and what is health before intervening an individual with any  sort of therapy, this session made  me to understand how the approach of a Naturopathy physician be considering all the factors  affecting on an individual.  Another highlight was discussion on concepts like Germ theory and its flaws. Sir has wonderfully explained how a evidence based practice should turn as evidence based philosophical practice. Most important aspect before getting into practice is to understand how philosophies of Naturopathy bring holistic healing in an individual. How to enhance our role in primary health care and so on., Finally, whole session made me to change the way of approach to a patient. I suggest all Naturopaths and students to attend second session if it’s there”.


Dr. Karishma Silwal



“Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you sir. I can’t even imagine the level of hard work and extensive literature search you may have conducted   for preparing these three days content-full webinar. I feel that I am lucky enough to get the essence of truth at such an early juncture of my career.

Thank you for helping me through the learning process and for teaching the right way of approach to the patients. This masterclass has helped in broadening my thought process and will definitely shape the future of Naturopathy. Thank you for being so passionate about your teachings and sharing all the knowledge.

Besides getting so much of scientific insights about Naturopathy philosophy, I have also learnt important skills through this masterclass that will help me academically and personally. This is a must attend session for sure!”.


Dr. R. Arthi,

Assistant Medical Officer,

Government Hospital,

Attur, Salem district

“U have raised my confidence more and more, before days I used to say to patients all depends on our mind set only, but with lack of confidence inside me. Now a days after out master class, my inner strength improved and again I applied this to my patient after our second day class itself, it worked well as best than before.

With my strong inner confidence level, I consulted and motivated patients mind set to holistic way, given good prognosis for stress related diabetes mellitus within 5 days. Patient is surprised and I’m contented. This is my happiness for life. Money will not give contentment, but patient’s words giving me a contented life.

Thank you very much sir, it’s a milestone in my Naturopathy life. Now both my building and basement are strong.”


Dr Keerthi K

Naturopathy Physician

“Dr Pradeep M K Nair’s master class is one of the best sessions I have attended so far. He has made a tremendous effort in showing us how close philosophy is to Nature in an evidence based manner. This session will really help people who feel low and less confident about the system because it lacks scientific evidence based practise. A complete new perspective has been shown on how a NATUROPATH should be rather than just be a NATUROAPTHY DOCTOR. Thanks to Dr Pradeep MK Nair for putting a huge effort and courage to bring out this beautiful class. I hope many more students, graduates, teaching faculties also get opportunity to attend and explore on his Master Class.

Unique people don’t do different things but they do things differently.- One more example by Dr Pradeep MK Nair.”


Dr. Naga Jyoti

Sr. Naturopathy Physician,Bangalore

“The Masterclass with Dr. Pradeep was classy one. It’s an eye opener to all those who have reductionist based-approach towards Naturopathic system. The importance of being a primary care physician should be the real effort of a Naturopathy Physician. This class gives you the confidence and advocates the essentials to become a competent Naturopathy physician by integrating the core Naturopathy philosophies scientifically. It establishes more confidence in our system and reminds us that it is not the symptoms we have to treat but the underlying root cause which is the substantial cause of the disease. Your diligent efforts to pick the best papers have made this webinar more interesting.  I wish the upcoming graduates, students and doctors attend this masterclass not only to build a strong confidence and faith in their own system and implement it in their practice too. The beneficiaries will be very happy receiving the best healthcare in all potential levels. This is the best gift we can give back to the society. A healthy society compliments the whole country.”


Naturopathy and yoga consultant ,


“Being a Naturopathy and yoga physician who really wish to create awareness about Natuopathy among all sectors of people,I was in constant search of  updated information about Naturopathic philosophy but there were no collective data or so called evidence in-depth. But the Master class of Dr.Pradeep has given more  wisdom about the science of Naturopathic philosophy which will definitely root our understanding about philosophy and give an insight towards our profession actually it meant to be. I suggest that every Naturopath try to attend this master  class because first we ourselves have to build enough understanding of Naturopathic philosophy then we Naturopathy physicians must become a primary care physicians. Great  initiative and pioneering work Dr.Pradeep.

Congrats and Thank you!”.


Dr. Aswani S L,BNYS 

 Medical officer,

National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune

I joined the course very unexpectedly without knowing the ABC s of research. Dr.pradeep M k is a teacher who knows the pulse of his students. He simplified the subject of research into such a way that anyone can easily learn and understand it. I was lucky enough to get this opportunity to learn under him. I am fully confident in doing my own research and I am already on it and enjoying every bit of it.


Dr. Santosh Kumar Pandey,

BNYS  Research Officer,

Kaivalyadham yoga institute, Lonavala

“I joined this fellowship to understand the research, I couldn’t be very regular because of my mother’s chemo, but I followed it, and I feel every BNYS should join this course.”


Dr. Nanjeshgowda H L,BNYS 

 House Surgeon,

Govt nature cure and yoga medical collge, Mysuru

“This is the fellowship where every naturopathy students must join to make their practice evidence based by getting the exact knowledge related to research and also where faculty will Make the research as simple as to conduct by their own.”


Dr. Tallapureddy Sravani,BNYS 

  House Surgeon,

TSYNM, SVYASA University

“I think joining this fellowship is one of the best decision i have ever taken.It helps to keep track of my studies and updates with new information every time I attend .Pradeep sir was an inspirational person to me in teaching who resolves my queires quickly and showed me a possible way to my research project whenever I face a dead end.”



2nd Year BNYS Student, SRKMCNYS, Kanyakumari


“I always wanted to become a researcher, and this one was a very flexible course for me. There is no pushing us to do something, we can learn in our own pace. As just a 2nd year medical student I got so much of exposure from experts, and so that when I become doctor I can be more confident with my patients.”



Yoga & naturopathy physician,Prime nature cure,

Natural Birth Assistant, AVM Hospital, Tuticorin

“Being a zero in research I was able to know from very basics of research and it helped me to gain confidence. The classes were very simple and understandable. It encouraged me to gain interest over research field which I felt was dry but what I realized was Research is the “mother of practice”.

I heartfully thank Dr.Pradeep sir organizing this Fellowship course. Over all it was excellent”.


Azuma M

4th Year BNYS

JSSINYS, Coimbatore

The fellowship helped me understand the real scenario in the field of research and especially in relation to Naturopathy&Yoga. Thanks to Dr.Pradeep Nair, the structure of the fellowship allows participants to have a growth arc that is unique to each participant. I certainly recommend this fellowship to even BNYS UG students, no matter how early/young they are, in their journey.The inputs will surely help students to approach their UG study more scientifically. On a personal note, this fellowship helped me gain a better perspective to approach science, health care and research, and helps me hone my skills.


Dr. Dhamodhini K S, BNYS

 MD, PhD Scholar

Sri Ramachandra Research Institute

Very informative fellowship programme for young Researchers like me. It is incredibly helpful! & I’m completely relieved from the fear I had about Research earlier. This programme undoubtedly influenced my manuscript writing skills. Even after attending so many research workshops I feel that this fellowship is unique and we had very clear lectures which is easily understandable and improved our confidence level in research field. Thanks a lot sir for making such big things simpler and Definitely I will recommend my friends, colleagues & juniors to join this fellowship programme and get benefited.


Dr. Nibha V S,  BNYS


SDMCNYS, Karnataka

A great fellowship program, which was really useful for budding physicians in the field of research. The program being online was really helpful and easily accessible by all that too during this pandemic. So I thank Dr Pradeep Nair for his efforts in curating such a wonderful program. I was always into the field of clinical research and wanted to learn more, so that one day I would conduct a quality research study to back up our system with solid scientific basis. Even though our system has a very strong philosophical foundation to it, it does fall short when it comes to scientific evidence at various areas. So this program was a good platform for not just naturopathy physicians but for any one pursuing a career in the field of research, training us to conduct a quality research study.


Dr.A B Ram Jyothis

BHMS Professor, Department of Homoeopathic pharmacy, Athurasramam NSS Homoeopathic Medical college Kottayam Kerala

A very useful training for academians and reseachers covering all aspects of research.


Dr. Anantha Krishna Vemuri

PhD, (Biochemistry)

I have graduated as a PhD fellow from NIN, Hyderabad. I came across this fellowship through a group of integrated medicine practitioners. Though I do not have a medical background (Basic sciences, Biochemistry), the topics covered were relevant and novel. Though some of the topics seem basic for any researcher, I was neither taught these topics during my coursework nor by my guide. Luckily I have now understood the concepts and have the videos to look back to and practice the topics. All in all, this fellowship is a must for every budding researcher in any field. I am fully satisfied that my money went into the right place.


Dr. Sharad Shivajirao Chaudhari,BNYS

MD Scholar,

TSYNM, SVYASA University

Fellowship helped me to clear basics concept of research which also gave and idea about research advances & its clinical applications. It was integrated package of research methodology,scientific medical writing from experts.


Dr. Subramanya Pailoor

 PhD Head, Department of Yoga,

University of Kerala

Thank you for a great course. Very insightful and interactive. Presentations were interesting, good slides and latest research publications that kept us all engaged. A real eye-opener for us all! This has more than met my expectations. The “Fellowship in Clinical Research and Scientific Writing” is practical and informative. It is intensive, but well placed. Very useful. I found the workshop refreshing and motivating. I feel better equipped to manage after completing the course. This was my objective at the beginning. I would recommend the course as it provides good learning on Clinical Research and Scientific Writing. Dr. Pradeep MK Nair is a very engaging trainer, knowledgeable and covered a range of topics related to research. Assignments / homework help us in understanding the subject well. Thank you very much!

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